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The original function of the umbrella is not to cover the rain

The English "umbrella" of an umbrella comes from the Latin umbra, which means shadow.
The frescoes of the ancient Egyptians or the ancient Greek pottery vases have already appeared on the umbrellas that look like the current umbrellas, but sunshades that cannot be braced can only be used by princes and nobles.

According to legend, the first umbrella was invented by Lu Ban's wife, a famous craftsman in the late Spring and Autumn Period.
At that time, umbrellas were only used by kings and nobles, and the materials were mostly silk.
With the opening of the Silk Road, umbrellas gradually spread to Japan, South Korea, Asia and Europe, and became fully popular in the era of the Roman Empire.

The first foldable umbrella was invented in China

Umbrellas were once exclusively for women

It can also be an unexpected hidden weapon

It is also a symbol of longevity

The first man to use an umbrella was Jonas Hanway, a London businessman from England.

In 1978, Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov was stabbed to death in London by a poisoned umbrella.
Another dissident, Vladimir Kostov, was assassinated in the same manner by the Bulgarian secret police in the same year but was unsuccessful. Such deadly umbrellas are collectively referred to as "Bulgarian umbrellas".

"傘 is the Chinese word for umbrella. There are five "persons" in the structure, which represent the meaning of people and also symbolize the prosperity of people.
Its abbreviation "仐" can be divided into "eight" and "ten" in Chinese word, so eighty years old is called "the age of umbrella".

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