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Wide angle,lasting light.

Conventional retroreflective materials have a structure in which incident light returns to the direction of the incident, so visibility from the front is excellent, but visibility is difficult to function sufficiently when the incident Angle is wide.
Therefore, we conducted research, development, and testing many times, and developed a wide Angle, high brightness recursive reflection bead that can be seen even with a wide Angle of incidence, and succeeded in commercializing it.
Not only from the front, but also from the side.
Please try the new reflexive reflex completely different from the past.


A structural design integrating outdoor functional clothing and a lighting system.

Suitable for all kinds of outdoor occasions, whether it is walking in the dark, or reading maps, picnics and tents, it can keep the wearer visible.

Light Up
Your Journey.

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ロンドから ローマへ (1).jpg

The First Choice For Mini Explorers

Screenshot 2022-12-28 154624.jpg

Ultraman makes children believe in light, we let children become Ultraman

A 3-in-1 jacket that protects against rain, light and warmth.
Unlike adult jackets where the light strips are designed on the hood, children's lights are placed on the arms.
With just one click, children can also become little Ultraman, illuminating the journey in front of them.

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